Precinct 333

Sunday, February 27, 2005

One More Euphamism

Anyone care to guess what a story with this headline is about?

Driver, 6 entrants arrested after 60-mile high-speed chase

I know I didn't get it -- until I read the article.

Border Patrol agents arrested six illegal entrants and the driver of a sport utility vehicle Saturday morning after a high-speed chase over 60 miles that started near Arivaca, went through Park Place and ended in a Midtown neighborhood.

Border Patrol spokesman Rob Daniels said agents tried to pull over the vehicle on a stretch of Arivaca Road "traditionally used for drug and aliens smuggling" at about 7:30 a.m. The driver of the vehicle refused to stop.

Come on -- "entrants"? "Undocumented workers" was bad enough.

Oh, yeah, the smuggler -- that's what he is -- even drove the wrong way down one-way streets in an attempt to escape arrest. Do you really want to argue that these folks are harmless?


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