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Saturday, March 12, 2005

PC Bunnies

Easter is coming -- surely the local shopping mall has an Easter Bunny, right?

Not if your mall has gone PC.

The Easter Bunny is a vanishing breed.

Not that there's a shortage of 6-foot white rabbits carrying baskets of colored eggs. It's just that Mr. Shopping Mall Bunny is becoming more politically correct.

The bunny at The Gardens mall Easter egg hunt last weekend — oops, make that just plain "egg hunt" — was called Garden Bunny.

"The name just complemented The Gardens of the Palm Beaches," mall Marketing Director Jeannie Roberts said.

Saturday, Baxter the Bunny is available for photos at the Mall at Wellington Green. At Town Center in Boca Raton, Peter Rabbit will hand out goodies and pose for pictures.

"Because we're such a multicultural community, it's good just to remain neutral," mall General Manager Sam Hosen said.

Some stick with tradition. The Easter Bunny still appears at the Boynton Beach Mall and at Treasure Coast Square in Jensen Beach. The Palm Beach Mall has no bunny at all.

"I suppose the name Easter Bunny is fairly unusual. We have Easter eggs too," Boynton Beach Mall Manager Andrea Horne said. "I know it's probably not the popular thing to call it."

Give me a break! The bunny, like Santa, is a holiday symbol associated with a Christian holiday. That is the only reason the tradition of having the bunny during the spring started. If the name of the holiday is offensive, then get rid of the symbol, too. Don't just neuter the symbol by changing thename. After all, seeing the symbol might freak out that small minority of religion haters that would object to the use of the name of the holiday.


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