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Friday, March 11, 2005

What Are You Hiding, Howard?

For all that the Democrats claim to be the party of the people, it seems they are hell-bent on keeping the people from knowing about the workings of government.

At least in Vermont.

And at least if the government official that the people want to know about is a former governor named Howard Dean.

More than a year after the collapse of his presidential campaign, the fight over public access to Howard Dean's gubernatorial records goes before the state's high court next week.

The state is appealing a ruling from Superior Court Judge Alan Cook in February of last year saying that 86 boxes of records sealed by Dean when he left office in 2003 are presumed to be open.

Cook ordered that Dean and the state had to identify each of the hundreds of thousands of documents in the boxes and say why each should be covered by executive privilege.

Dean had asked as he left office that the records be sealed for ten years. The Washington-based group Judicial Watch sued to gain access to them.

So what do you have to hide, Howard?


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