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Sunday, June 27, 2004

A writer who doesn't insult your intelligence.

I love Vin Suprynowicz, who writes for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. On a weekly basis he is one of the best reads on the net -- even on those Sundays when he writes about Vegas and Nevada politics instead of the larger world. Vin is also a libertarian True Believer. As a result you get things that are the written equivalent your best-friend's mom's meatloaf and mashed potato dinner -- stick-to your brain cells columns that are intellectually nutritious but have a little unusual flavor that your mom's cooking lacks.

I mean, who else would title a column "Shuffling to the sound of the Morlocks' dinner bell"?It is sad to say, but too many folks just wouldn't catch the reference to H.G. Wells. In the column, Vin explains how Michael Badnarik upset Aaron Russo at this month's Libertarian National Convention and became that party's nominee. It makes for a good read and is loaded with good insight as to how the best funded campaign, best-organized imploded on the convention floor. I may just use this and his previous column (commented upon last week) in my Government class when I talk about third parties.

Moveover, he makes a solid case for actually voting Libertarian -- if you accept his premise that there is not a dime's worth of difference between the major parties:
I will cast that vote on Nov. 2, and get my ass whupped (politically speaking), and go to bed proud and justified.

In contrast, 95 percent of you (if you bother going to the polls at all -- and who can blame you for your increasing sense of mortification? You must start to feel like the Eloi, shuffling in to the sound of the Morlocks' dinner bell in H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine") will vote for a lying politician who you know to be a lying politician -- one of two interchangeable Skull & Bonesmen without any discernible political principles, who (no matter which wins) will proceed to raise your taxes, take away more of your freedoms, and continue frittering away whatever remains of America's reputation for decency by continuing the violent military occupation of scores of foreign countries that have never attacked nor declared war upon us. All this in hopes of temporarily propping up the bottom lines of sundry well-heeled banks, oil companies and federally subsidized engineering and construction firms.

Maybe not enough for me to abandon the GOP, but certainly grounds for respecting his principles and his writing.


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