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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Whining Pseudo-Minister Objects to Convention "Crosses"

Are those crosses on the podium and the small table next to it at the Republican National Convention? According to "Rev." James Forbes Jr. they are -- and he wants it stopped RIGHT NOW!

"I believe it is an image of two crosses," Forbes said. "This is an unusual and inappropriate use of religious symbols in a political campaign."
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Forbes said the images of crosses on the wooden platform make him wonder if the Republicans are trying to cater to a specific bloc of religious voters.

As I look at the two pieces of furniture, I see some things which could be crosses. But it is really just the normal outcome when you alternate different types and tones of wood in a geometric design. And since the pieces probably belong to Madison Square Garden, I suspect this was out of the control of the GOP.

And by the way, Forbes is senior minister at the Riverside Church, a feel-good New-Agey place popular among liberals. If the name rings a bell, that is because Bill Clinton preached there during the worship service the day before the Republican Convention began, urging the liberal faithful on as they counter the GOP with an allegedly non-partisan liberal campaign. I guess that Forbes thinks Jesus is a registered Democrat.


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