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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Support Sinclair Broadcast Group!

Sinclair Broadcast Group is planning to broadcast Carlton Sherwood's documentary Stolen Honor during prime time sometime during the period of October 21-24. The documentary, which documents the effects of John Kerry's anti-war activism and statements upon the men held as POWs by the North Vietnamese. Sinclair, which owns 62 television stations in 39 markets, will potentially reach nearly one quarter of the viewing public with the broadcast, including major markets such as Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Sacramento and Las Vegas. The company also has stations in the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin. The broadcast may also qualify as news, exempting it from equal time and fairness rules, although the company plans to invite Kerry or a representative to appear as part of a panel discussion following the broadcast.

The Left, needless to say, is apoplectic!
"It's not the American way for powerful corporations to strong-arm local broadcasters to air lies promoting a political agenda," said David Wade, a spokesman for the Democratic nominee's campaign. "It's beyond yellow journalism; it's a smear bankrolled by Republican money, and I don't think Americans will stand for it."

Hold on, David -- Sinclair IS the local broadcaster in this case. It owns the stations!

Similarly, liberal blogger John Aravosis is frothing over at The publisher of liberal attack sites such as and wants to see a campaign organized to "take those stations down."
We need to know which of our local stations is in bed with the president and this right-wing zealot and we need to destroy them. I'm talking get every single advertiser to leave those stations. Publish the advertisers email and phone and contact them, demanding that they stop funneling their money to partisan un-American TV zealots who are trying to throw our election.

In other words, a vocal segment of the Left is going after Sinclair. They have succeeded before in their attempt to muzzle speech with which they disagree.


We must contact Sinclair and let them know we support their public service. Here's how.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.
10706 Beaver Dam Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030
410-568-1500 (Main Telephone)
410-568-1533 (Main Fax)

David D. Smith
Sinclair CEO

M. William Butler
VP of Programming and Promotions

Mike O'Malley
Corporate Webmaster

And their stations -- contact as many as you can in support of the broadcast.

* WTTA - Tampa
* KMWB - Minneapolis
* WPGH & WCWB - Pittsburgh
* KOVR - Sacramento
* KDNL - St. Louis
* WBFF & WNUV - Baltimore
* WTTV & WTTK - Indianapolis
* WLFL & WRDC - Raleigh - Durham, NC
* WZTV & WUXP - Nashville
* WCGV & WVTV - Milwaukee
* WSTR - Cincinnati
* KSMO - Kansas City, MO
* WTTE & WSYX - Columbus, OH
* WFBC & WLOS - Asheville, NC
* KABB & KRRT - San Antonio
* WTTO & WABM & WDBB - Birmingham, AL
* WTVZ - Norfolk, VA
* WUTV - Buffalo, NY
* KOCB & KOKH - Oklahoma City
* WXLV & WUPN - Greensboro, NC
* WKEF & WRGT - Dayton, OH
* KVWB & KFBT - Las Vegas
* WCHS & WVAH - Charleston, WV
* WRLH - Richmond, VA
* WEAR & WFGX - Mobile, AL
* WSMH - Flint, MI
* WDKY - Lexington, KY
* KDSM - Des Moines
* WSYT & WNYS - Syracuse
* KBSI & WDKA - Paducah, KY
* WUHF - Rochester, NY
* WGME - Portland, ME
* WMSN - Madison, WI
* WEMT - Tri-Cities, TN
* WGGB - Springfield, MA
* WYZZ - Peoria, IL
* WTWC - Tallahassee, FL
* WMMP & WTAT - Charleston, SC
* WICS & WICD — Springfield, IL
* KGAN — Cedar Rapids, IA

The major media has ignored this part of Kerry's background long enough -- it must be exposed now, before it is too late. This is not an attack upon his military service, but rather an examination of his words and actions AFTER he returned from Vietnam.

UPDATE: Apparently the boycott sites are already being set up. Supposedly they are and

UPDATE 2: Apparently there is another boycott site, and they even have a great database of network advertisers to contact and support. Show some class and tell them to stand firm with Sinclair for the sake of America's future. You will certainly out-do the liberals, who have already been cautioned by the site's owner not to be abusive towards advertisers like a number of folks on their side have.


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