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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

24 Bugs CAIR

Those wacky supporters of jihad and terrorism, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), are bugged by the storyline for the upcoming season of the Fox series 24. It seems that the terrorist threat this time comes from – a Muslim family operating as a sleeper-cell.

"At first I was shocked," organization spokeswoman Rabiah Ahmed told the New York Daily News. "In this particular case, they show an American-Muslim family and they portray them as terrorists."
What’s so shocking to you? That someone might have made a connection between Muslims and terrorism? Or that they had the cojones to actually put it on the show, given the threats of retribution your group has made over the years against anyone who even hints that there might just be a causal relationship between Islam and terrorism? Or could it be your shock that someone would suggest that Muslim teens might even be involved with terrorism? After all, we know that no Muslim has ever been involved in terrorism, and that it is Buddhist nuns who are blowing themselves up in Israel and other parts of the world.

This is the show’s fourth season. Deal with the fact that the group that is the biggest source of terrorism in the world (Islam) is actually going produce the villains this year.


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