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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hiding Vote Fraud In Wisconsin

There seem to have been a lot of irregularities in the November 2004 election in the state of Wisconsin. That should come as no surprise, as there was wel-documented vote fraud there during the 2000 presidential election as well. But there is one difference. Changes in election laws in 2003 make it much harder for the public to get their hands on the information needed to prove that such fraud took place.

In the United States, your ballot is secret, but almost everything else about an election is part of the public record: Who voted and at what ward. Where they live. How old they are. Even what number they were in line.

Until recently, that is.

At least in Wisconsin, where a 2003 change in state law put the birth dates of voters off limits to the public, making it nearly impossible to determine whether someone voted twice, a felon voted improperly, or someone voted as a dead person.

So if Mr. John Smith, born January 24, 1908,up and passed away in March, 2004, there is now no way to tell if the John Smith who voted in his precinct was him or another John Smith, because the public cannot check the birtdate to find out if we have "dead man voting."

What is even more disturbing is that after the Milwaukee Journal-Star discovered some 7000 unaccounted for votes in Milwaukee, the city cut off their access to the records because of a federal investigation into vote fraud -- an investigation that was prompted by the newspaper's own investigation! Apparantly discovery of potential voter fraud significant enough to cause an investigation is grounds for denying the public access to records that might allow them to find more fraud.

Read the entire account of the obstruction of access to public records. The informationa vailable shows pretty clear evidence of vote fraud, and the denial of access shows how far some in government will go to keep people in the dark.


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