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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Peanut Butter Police

They don’t have much tolerance for peanut butter sandwiches in Yorktown, Indiana.

Savannah Dowling is a typical 8-year-old girl; much of her protein comes from peanut butter sandwiches.

However, if she wants to bring one to Central Indiana's Pleasant View Elementary School, she has to eat it at a special table in the cafeteria to accommodate one first grader with a severe allergy. Soon she'll have to take her lunch to an area the school is calling the "peanut gallery" so the one child with the peanut allergy isn't affected.

Now hold on.

For the sake of one kid, they have a special area for those who have the audacity to consume food containing nuts?

Don’t they have it backwards? Shouldn’t it be the allergic child who is restricted?

The boy's parents refused to be interviewed but said their child's allergy warrants extraordinary safeguards.

"He does not have to ingest it for his air to constrict and he loses the ability to breathe," the parents wrote in a statement. "We have the medical evidence that shows that our son has one of the worst allergies on record for this food."

Gee, that’s too bad. Your child is clearly too ill to be in a normal school environment, so you need to home school him. Any other option is simply irresponsible parenting. You do not get to demand that the entire world go to extraordinary lengths to accommodate your child’s special needs. That is simply not reasonable.


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