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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What Part Of ILLEGAL ALIEN Don't You Understand?

A so-called civil rights group is asking a federal appeals court to stop the implementation of an Arizona law denying government benefits to illegal aliens. Voters adopted the law in November.
The civil rights group contends the measure will harm families who depend on public benefits for basic necessities, and could potentially cut them from all state services.

I think most Americans would see that as a good thing. After all, these people are not supposed to be in the country at all, and therefore have no legitimate claim on any taxpayer-funded services.

By the way, the Mexican government is now distributing a guide explaining how to illegally cross the border and hide out in American society. Once we determine how much the book cost the Mexican government, perhaps we should cut the foreign aid budget for Mexico by ten or twenty times that amount.
The 32-page color primer, published by Mexico's foreign ministry in December, gives would-be migrants tips including how to swim across the Rio Grande and avoid dehydration in the desert. It also sets out their legal rights on detention.

And maybe it is time to set up guard towers with working machine guns to stop the invasion countenanced and assisted by the Vincente Fox.


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